The President

The President is the head of the Federal Administrative Court. On the one hand, he is the superior with authority relating to personnel matters affecting judges and the administrative staff of the Court. The Vice President acts in place of him in this function. On the other hand, his duties include those of a judge. He presides over a senate, currently the 10th Senate. The President is treated as an equal among equals in his office as judge. He has no authority over the other judges. The tasks of the President also include maintains contacts with other courts and judicial organisations in Germany and abroad.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus Rennert is the President of the Federal Administrative Court.

Born in 1955 in Berlin, he began his career as a judge at the Regional Court Oldenburg in 1984. He became a judge in the administrative jurisdiction in autumn 1985 (Administrative Court Karlsruhe). In the following years he was seconded to the Federal Constitutional Court as research associate and to the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg as executive officer. Mr Rennert was appointed judge at the Higher Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg in August 1994. From October 1996 until September 1997 he deputised for the Chair of Administrative Law and Administrative Sciences at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, where he received his doctorate of law in 1987. The University of Freiburg appointed him honorary professor in February 2000. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Martin Luther University of Halle in 2009.

Mr Klaus Rennert initially was member of the 3rd Senate after his appointment as judge at the Federal Administrative Court in September 2003. In May 2011, he assumed the role of presiding judge of the 8th Senate. He was Vice President of the Federal Administrative Court from November 2012, and became President of the Federal Administrative Court on 1 July 2014. He presides the 10th Senate. Its responsibilities include municipal law, laws governing liberal professions, chamber law and subsidy law.