Legal library

Video: The legal library with historical collections

The legal library of the Federal Administrative Court is among the larger of its kind in Germany. It is primarily intended to provide services to members of the Court. The library ensures availability of the specialist literature they require for their day-to-day work. The library's remit also includes maintaining and caring for the Federal Administrative Court's large inventory of valuable historical books, manuscripts and other works of historical interest. Moreover, the library supports other courts and authorities within the context of mutual assistance. The library is also open to external users by appointment.


The inventory of the Federal Administrative Court library comprises 240,000 volumes, including the historical works. Approximately 2,400 volumes are added each year. The periodicals subscribed by the library include 345 journals, 64 official gazettes and 174 casebooks. Moreover, there are three legal databases and further online resources that tie up approximately 25 % of the library's budget. The inventory of the former Higher Administrative Court of Prussia and the Oberlandeskulturgericht (Prussian authority for land law matters) created the basis for the library, which was founded in 1953. Additional inventories, especially sections of the Imperial Court of Justice library, were added after the German reunification. Historical collections of the legal library


Eleven members of staff are employed in the library. In addition to the head of the library and two heads of division, they are four specialists for media and information services as well as four employees for scanning services, stack maintenance, and the updating of looseleaf publications. The library also has three permanent positions for apprentices.

Collections and Budget

The library mainly collects German literature on administrative, constitutional and state law, as well as on the laws of the European Union. It has an annual budget of approximately €500,000 for the procurement of literature and information. Of this amount, around €180,000 is spent on the updating of loose-leaf binders and €130,000 on specialist databases. There is an additional budget for repairs of its historical inventory and the restoration of individual works from the Imperial Court of Justice Library.

Online Catalogue

The inventory at the Federal Administrative Court library, including the majority of its historical sections (excepting works from the 16th and 17th centuries), are listed in the court's online catalogue. The works can also be researched in the online catalogue of the K10plus.