The President

The President is the head of the Federal Administrative Court. She or he is the hierarchical superior of the judges with regard to personnel matters as well as of the administrative staff of the Court. In this function, the Vice President acts as her or his deputy. The President also holds the position of a judge by presiding over a senate. The President is equal among equals in her or his office as judge without any authority over the other judges. The tasks of the President also include maintaining contacts with other courts and judicial organisations in Germany and abroad.

Vice President

Prof. Dr. Andreas Korbmacher is Vice President of the Federal Administrative Court and as such deputy to the President.

Born in 1960 in Freiburg he began his career as a judge at the Regional Court Berlin in 1988. In January 1990 he became a judge of the Administrative Court Berlin. In the same year he obtained a doctorate of law from the Free University of Berlin. In the following years he was seconded as research associate to the Constitutional Court of Berlin and to the Senate Department for Justice. In January 2003, he was appointed judge at the Higher Administrative Court Berlin (later on the Higher Administrative Court Berlin and Brandenburg). In May 2005, he assumed the role of presiding judge at the Higher Administrative Court. In 2007, the Technical University of Berlin appointed him honorary professor.

Following his appointment as judge at the Federal Administrative Court in November 2008 Mr Andreas Korbmacher became a member of the 9th Senate. Since May 2017, he is presiding judge of the 7th Senate. Its responsibilities include the law on environmental protection including immission control law, waste law, atomic energy law, mining law and waterways planning. On 22 May 2019 he became Vice president of the Federal Administrative Court. In addition he held the position of press spokesperson for more than three years.