Electronic file management at the Federal Administrative Court

Administrative order concerning the electronic file management at the Federal Administrative Court

  1. On the basis of section 2 second sentence of the Ordinance on the File Management at the Federal Courts (Bundesgerichte-Aktenführungsverordnung) of 27 March 2020 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 745), the files of the following proceedings at the Federal Administrative Court will be managed electronically from the date specified therein:
No. Proceedings Date
1 All new and continued proceedings of the 1st and 5th Senate. It is left to the decision of the respective Senate to suspend electronic file management with regard to individual proceedings inasmuch as it causes unacceptable additional expenses or as it is excluded by a specific need for protection or any other imperative reason. 1 September 2022
  1. The contents of the court files that have been managed on paper until the reference date will not be transferred into electronic files.

  2. This administrative order enters into force on 1 September 2022.

Leipzig, 12 July 2022

The President of the Federal Administrative Court


Prof. Dr. Andreas Korbmacher
Vice President