Decisions in Asylum, Immigration Law and Citizenship

Important decisions of the Federal Administrative Court concerning the law of asylum and citizenship related to European Community Law are presented on the website in English translation.

Translator's Note: The Federal Administrative Court, or Bundesverwaltungsgericht, is the Federal Republic of Germany's supreme administrative court. This unofficial translation is provided for the reader's convenience and has not been officially authorized by the Bundesverwaltungsgericht. Page numbers in citations of international texts have been retained from the original and may not match the pagination in the parallel English versions.

When citing a decision, it is recommended to indicate the court, the date of the decision, the case number and the paragraph: BVerwG, Judgment/Decision of ... - BVerwG ... - para. ... for example: BVerwG, Judgment of 31 January 2013 - BVerwG 10 C 15.12 - para. 12

Translated versions:

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